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01 Nephritis, Hereditary [NCBI]


Gene Link Information
COL4A5 [NCBI] 0.0011814
IGAN [NCBI] 0.000416374
NEDE [NCBI] 0.000401057
COL4A4 [NCBI] 0.000373511
COL4A3 [NCBI] 0.000242587
MYH9 [NCBI] 5.14726e-05
AMMECR1 [NCBI] 4.44785e-05
COL4A2 [NCBI] 3.0253e-05
NID1 [NCBI] 2.97902e-05
COL4A3BP [NCBI] 2.14566e-05
ACSL4 [NCBI] 2.00603e-05
COL4A6 [NCBI] 1.95305e-05
GJB2 [NCBI] 1.77288e-05
C3 [NCBI] 1.40173e-05
LAMA1 [NCBI] 1.39689e-05
GJB6 [NCBI] 1.32758e-05
A1BG [NCBI] 8.76455e-06
KCNE1L [NCBI] 8.63264e-06
CLRN1 [NCBI] 8.09294e-06
LMX1B [NCBI] 7.75797e-06
LAMB1 [NCBI] 7.41487e-06
COL4A1 [NCBI] 7.12952e-06
CD151 [NCBI] 6.6719e-06
KCNE1 [NCBI] 5.69526e-06
COL7A1 [NCBI] 5.67297e-06
COL1A2 [NCBI] 5.35175e-06
COL3A1 [NCBI] 5.11403e-06
MMP12 [NCBI] 5.05194e-06
MYO7A [NCBI] 5.02175e-06
CCR1 [NCBI] 4.75961e-06
CFTR [NCBI] 4.51652e-06
COL1A1 [NCBI] 3.86966e-06
BMP7 [NCBI] 3.49862e-06
CTSG [NCBI] 3.40315e-06
GAPDH [NCBI] 3.14333e-06
TGFB1 [NCBI] 3.00517e-06
RAG1 [NCBI] 2.97003e-06
CCR2 [NCBI] 2.72905e-06
PKD1 [NCBI] 2.71867e-06
FGFR3 [NCBI] 2.6156e-06
VHL [NCBI] 2.05101e-06
TRH [NCBI] 1.50832e-06
HLA-DRB1 [NCBI] 1.41002e-06
AR [NCBI] 5.61587e-07
AFP [NCBI] 4.73865e-07


OMIM Link Information
alport syndrome, autosomal dominant [NCBI] 0.0243037
ATS [NCBI] 0.0044634
AMMECR1 [NCBI] 0.00348481
COL4A5 [NCBI] 0.00213986
renal failure, progressive, with hypertension [NCBI] 0.00155147
alport syndrome, autosomal recessive [NCBI] 0.00107122
nephropathy, progressive, with deafness [NCBI] 0.000864734
leiomyomatosis, esophageal and vulval, with nephropathy [NCBI] 0.000820744
FTNS [NCBI] 0.000745509
anorectal anomalies [NCBI] 0.000647409
COL4A3 [NCBI] 0.000601317
amme complex [NCBI] 0.000508663
epstein syndrome [NCBI] 0.00045374
MYH9 [NCBI] 0.000345071
COL4A6 [NCBI] 0.000312545
COL4A4 [NCBI] 0.000257437
SBS [NCBI] 0.000240863
BFH [NCBI] 0.000231533
nephropathy with pretibial epidermolysis bullosa and deafness [NCBI] 0.000229941
IGAN1 [NCBI] 0.000203624
raph blood group system [NCBI] 0.000199
FACL4 [NCBI] 0.000181549
KCNE1L [NCBI] 0.000155918
macrothrombocytopenia and progressive sensorineural deafness [NCBI] 0.000114861
MHA [NCBI] 0.000113491
MYH10 [NCBI] 7.78716e-05
goodpasture syndrome [NCBI] 7.11054e-05
charcot-marie-tooth disease and deafness [NCBI] 7.11054e-05
CD151 [NCBI] 5.88972e-05
NPHP1 [NCBI] 4.41795e-05
granulomatous disease, chronic, autosomal recessive, cytochrome b-positive, type i [NCBI] 4.3143e-05
complement component 2 deficiency [NCBI] 3.50916e-05
polycystic kidneys [NCBI] 3.22429e-05
COL7A1 [NCBI] 3.03731e-05
GUSB [NCBI] 2.33908e-05
COL1A1 [NCBI] 2.25889e-05
GAPDH [NCBI] 1.16114e-05
AR [NCBI] 4.99617e-07
AFP [NCBI] 2.42262e-08

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