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01 Hereditary Sensory and Autonomic Neuropathies [NCBI]


Gene Link Information
CMT2G [NCBI] 0.000401057
HSN1B [NCBI] 0.000401057
SPG30 [NCBI] 0.000401057
DFNB13 [NCBI] 0.000340315
SPTLC1 [NCBI] 0.000156205
NTRK1 [NCBI] 0.000112249
HSN2 [NCBI] 8.39123e-05
SPTLC2 [NCBI] 7.95923e-05
PMP22 [NCBI] 7.11456e-05
NGF [NCBI] 5.17831e-05
TTR [NCBI] 4.92875e-05
RAB7A [NCBI] 2.82704e-05
MPZ [NCBI] 1.49063e-05
ZNF169 [NCBI] 1.2814e-05
RILP [NCBI] 1.17969e-05
NINJ1 [NCBI] 1.09179e-05
NFIL3 [NCBI] 1.09179e-05
MAD2L1BP [NCBI] 1.05118e-05
CDRT1 [NCBI] 1.01838e-05
SH3TC2 [NCBI] 1.01838e-05
SLC12A6 [NCBI] 9.78597e-06
PLEKHG4 [NCBI] 9.78597e-06
GAS1 [NCBI] 9.36807e-06
IGHMBP2 [NCBI] 8.68855e-06
PKLR [NCBI] 8.20364e-06
HSPB8 [NCBI] 8.11232e-06
NR4A3 [NCBI] 8.06843e-06
AAAS [NCBI] 7.71725e-06
POLG [NCBI] 6.40722e-06
XPA [NCBI] 5.2281e-06
FXN [NCBI] 4.82944e-06
BCL2L1 [NCBI] 2.36273e-06
NPY [NCBI] 1.96955e-06


OMIM Link Information
neuropathy, hereditary sensory and autonomic, type i, with cough and gastroesophageal reflux [NCBI] 0.0020881
HSAN1 [NCBI] 0.00141594
SPG30 [NCBI] 0.0010375
CMT2G [NCBI] 0.000819746
DFNB13 [NCBI] 0.000819746
giant axonal neuropathy, autosomal dominant [NCBI] 0.000819746
cowchock syndrome [NCBI] 0.000737684
indifference to pain, congenital, autosomal dominant [NCBI] 0.000684465
SCA4 [NCBI] 0.000613493
IOSCA [NCBI] 0.000613493
hereditary motor and sensory neuropathy v [NCBI] 0.000587372
MSSE [NCBI] 0.00056504
gonadal dysgenesis, xx type, with deafness [NCBI] 0.000545541
HSAN2 [NCBI] 0.000521466
CIPA [NCBI] 0.000509167
HSN2 [NCBI] 0.000479295
SPTLC1 [NCBI] 0.000422357
HSAN5 [NCBI] 0.000408438
NTRK1 [NCBI] 0.000388172
CMT2B [NCBI] 0.000346596
TTR [NCBI] 0.000344341
HNPP [NCBI] 0.000317499
CMTX1 [NCBI] 0.000185337
HSAN3 [NCBI] 0.00017095
NFIL3 [NCBI] 0.000158925
NGFB [NCBI] 0.000143245
indifference to pain, congenital, autosomal recessive [NCBI] 0.000141711
erythermalgia, primary [NCBI] 0.000133046
neuropathy, hereditary sensory and autonomic, adult-onset, with anosmia [NCBI] 0.000117198
aplasia of extensor muscles of fingers, unilateral, with generalized polyneuropathy [NCBI] 0.000117198
neuropathy, hereditary sensory, x-linked [NCBI] 0.000117198
charcot-marie-tooth disease, guadalajara neuronal type [NCBI] 0.000117198
RAB7 [NCBI] 0.000111557
CMT1B [NCBI] 9.48266e-05
deafness, nerve type, with mesenteric diverticula of small bowel and progressive sensory neuropathy [NCBI] 9.47367e-05
PMP22 [NCBI] 8.96282e-05
CMT1A [NCBI] 8.86691e-05
neuropathy, hereditary sensory, with spastic paraplegia, autosomal recessive [NCBI] 8.07696e-05
hereditary motor and sensory neuropathy vi [NCBI] 7.66853e-05
NN [NCBI] 7.07301e-05
CMT2D [NCBI] 6.6398e-05
CCT4 [NCBI] 6.55835e-05
DFNB9 [NCBI] 6.46048e-05
HMN2A [NCBI] 6.46048e-05
MPZ [NCBI] 6.40948e-05
CMT2A2 [NCBI] 6.29927e-05
SPG17 [NCBI] 6.29927e-05
ZNF169 [NCBI] 6.03854e-05
NINJ1 [NCBI] 6.03854e-05
CMT2A1 [NCBI] 6.01878e-05
HMN5 [NCBI] 5.89513e-05
amyloidosis v [NCBI] 5.47896e-05
VED [NCBI] 5.39002e-05
HNA [NCBI] 5.00797e-05
WNK1 [NCBI] 4.70756e-05
SPG3A [NCBI] 4.18474e-05
GSN [NCBI] 3.4922e-05
AMC [NCBI] 3.32611e-05
FRDA [NCBI] 2.52126e-05
dystrophia myotonica 1 [NCBI] 1.5251e-05
AT [NCBI] 1.08488e-05
GDNF [NCBI] 9.05507e-06
ALD [NCBI] 7.82821e-06
NPY [NCBI] 1.59657e-06
APOE [NCBI] 6.99531e-07

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