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01 Acromegaly [NCBI]


Gene Link Information
PRL [NCBI] 0.000646814
TRH [NCBI] 0.000210531
GHRH [NCBI] 0.000103412
SSTR5 [NCBI] 9.53261e-05
AIP [NCBI] 6.22048e-05
IGF1 [NCBI] 4.90564e-05
GHR [NCBI] 4.84019e-05
SST [NCBI] 3.22057e-05
SCG5 [NCBI] 3.10995e-05
MEN1 [NCBI] 2.99667e-05
GNAS [NCBI] 2.89145e-05
VIP [NCBI] 2.6534e-05
PRKAR1A [NCBI] 2.48719e-05
SSTR2 [NCBI] 2.19922e-05
TRHR [NCBI] 1.99776e-05
GHRHR [NCBI] 1.589e-05
CCK [NCBI] 1.51518e-05
GHRL [NCBI] 1.45495e-05
LPL [NCBI] 1.36797e-05
SNAP25 [NCBI] 1.23438e-05
RAB3B [NCBI] 9.98553e-06
RAB18 [NCBI] 9.55219e-06
IGFALS [NCBI] 7.79907e-06
IGFBP3 [NCBI] 7.53898e-06
SLC2A4 [NCBI] 7.07884e-06
DLK1 [NCBI] 6.87236e-06
INS [NCBI] 6.49152e-06
GNAI2 [NCBI] 6.39209e-06
TF [NCBI] 6.10369e-06
SLC2A1 [NCBI] 5.94858e-06
TAC1 [NCBI] 5.67401e-06
SSTR4 [NCBI] 5.67401e-06
PTH [NCBI] 5.48776e-06
IGFBP2 [NCBI] 5.32408e-06
MTPN [NCBI] 5.11671e-06
PITX1 [NCBI] 5.11671e-06
RET [NCBI] 5.04547e-06
IRS1 [NCBI] 5.014e-06
NSD1 [NCBI] 4.98305e-06
RETNLB [NCBI] 4.93248e-06
SHBG [NCBI] 4.86176e-06
GH1 [NCBI] 4.61638e-06
MSTN [NCBI] 4.0504e-06
PLTP [NCBI] 4.03601e-06
SCARB1 [NCBI] 3.96593e-06
SHOX [NCBI] 3.91201e-06
CYP11B2 [NCBI] 3.82186e-06
ADCYAP1 [NCBI] 3.73658e-06
NPPB [NCBI] 3.7014e-06
TG [NCBI] 3.26195e-06
DRD2 [NCBI] 2.83743e-06
RB1 [NCBI] 2.78579e-06
RETN [NCBI] 2.76064e-06
GIP [NCBI] 2.68769e-06
FGF23 [NCBI] 2.63531e-06
ADRB2 [NCBI] 2.39892e-06
GAPDH [NCBI] 2.25664e-06
CHGA [NCBI] 2.25229e-06
NPY [NCBI] 2.22202e-06
ADIPOQ [NCBI] 1.85052e-06
TOP2A [NCBI] 1.65297e-06
AGT [NCBI] 1.54883e-06
PPARG [NCBI] 1.53891e-06
TNF [NCBI] 1.14368e-06
TNFRSF11B [NCBI] 1.1208e-06
CETP [NCBI] 1.05459e-06
CALCA [NCBI] 8.1604e-07
ACE [NCBI] 7.33612e-07
ACHE [NCBI] 5.31778e-07
BIRC5 [NCBI] 5.30982e-07
NOS3 [NCBI] 4.45217e-07
HGF [NCBI] 2.97337e-07
AKT1 [NCBI] 2.81228e-07
EGF [NCBI] 2.21017e-07
PTGS2 [NCBI] 4.89775e-08


OMIM Link Information
PRL [NCBI] 0.00233112
CNC2 [NCBI] 0.00190762
acromegaly [NCBI] 0.00189482
acromegaloid changes, cutis verticis gyrata, and corneal leukoma [NCBI] 0.00119841
acromegaloid features, overgrowth, cleft palate, and hernia [NCBI] 0.00119841
GHRH [NCBI] 0.00118799
acromegaloid facial appearance syndrome [NCBI] 0.000805308
IGFALS [NCBI] 0.000697304
MAS [NCBI] 0.000510611
sotos syndrome [NCBI] 0.000257553
pseudoacromegaly with severe insulin resistance [NCBI] 0.000244659
CNC1 [NCBI] 0.000195087
myxoma, intracardiac [NCBI] 0.000149286
dermatoosteolysis, kirghizian type [NCBI] 0.000122157
acanthosis nigricans with muscle cramps and acral enlargement [NCBI] 0.000122157
SGBS1 [NCBI] 0.000121623
AIP [NCBI] 9.1709e-05
SST [NCBI] 8.6761e-05
AHO [NCBI] 8.65538e-05
GHR [NCBI] 8.61216e-05
nevo syndrome [NCBI] 8.57198e-05
RA [NCBI] 8.18172e-05
CVG/MR [NCBI] 8.16324e-05
TNF [NCBI] 6.97977e-05
GNAS [NCBI] 6.77161e-05
pituitary dwarfism i [NCBI] 6.27202e-05
CRH [NCBI] 6.15235e-05
PDP [NCBI] 5.71567e-05
VIP [NCBI] 5.69326e-05
growth hormone insensitivity syndrome [NCBI] 4.75113e-05
VEGF [NCBI] 4.51817e-05
PITX1 [NCBI] 4.24683e-05
SSTR5 [NCBI] 3.99712e-05
KLK3 [NCBI] 3.30685e-05
GHRHR [NCBI] 3.07295e-05
DLK1 [NCBI] 2.99148e-05
BGLAP [NCBI] 2.97712e-05
fabry disease [NCBI] 2.95537e-05
SSTR2 [NCBI] 2.78195e-05
NSD1 [NCBI] 2.72125e-05
CMH [NCBI] 2.58541e-05
CYP11B2 [NCBI] 2.55954e-05
PRKAR1A [NCBI] 2.55954e-05
CCK [NCBI] 2.28782e-05
EGF [NCBI] 2.05935e-05
LPL [NCBI] 1.97349e-05
GH1 [NCBI] 1.5725e-05
BWS [NCBI] 1.54134e-05
GNRH1 [NCBI] 1.26259e-05
TF [NCBI] 1.10698e-05
PLTP [NCBI] 1.03991e-05
MEN1 [NCBI] 8.97224e-06
RP [NCBI] 6.05312e-06
SHBG [NCBI] 4.72204e-06
HGF [NCBI] 4.47427e-06
GIP [NCBI] 3.34135e-06
ACHE [NCBI] 2.61965e-06
GAPDH [NCBI] 2.05866e-06
TG [NCBI] 5.96914e-07
PTH [NCBI] 4.68237e-07
NPY [NCBI] 2.2065e-07
TNFRSF11B [NCBI] 3.9206e-08

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