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01 Citric Acid Cycle [NCBI]


Gene Link Information
CS [NCBI] 3.17209e-05
FH [NCBI] 2.83326e-05
PC [NCBI] 1.84828e-05
HIF1A [NCBI] 1.53531e-05
SLC13A2 [NCBI] 1.3044e-05
SLC13A5 [NCBI] 7.60057e-06
FXN [NCBI] 6.82762e-06
MDH2 [NCBI] 6.63756e-06
UCP3 [NCBI] 6.0096e-06
NRF1 [NCBI] 5.39633e-06
SDHB [NCBI] 5.33766e-06
PINK1 [NCBI] 4.88482e-06
PPARGC1A [NCBI] 4.43252e-06
SUCNR1 [NCBI] 3.74315e-06
OXGR1 [NCBI] 3.57535e-06
VHL [NCBI] 3.42061e-06
PFKFB1 [NCBI] 3.40246e-06
IDH3B [NCBI] 3.27753e-06
KLF15 [NCBI] 3.2425e-06
SUCLA2 [NCBI] 3.20998e-06
IDH2 [NCBI] 3.17963e-06
PRKACG [NCBI] 3.12441e-06
SLC22A8 [NCBI] 3.07518e-06
IDH1 [NCBI] 3.07518e-06
MLXIPL [NCBI] 3.01008e-06
SDHA [NCBI] 2.9903e-06
ACO2 [NCBI] 2.97135e-06
PDHB [NCBI] 2.95315e-06
PRKACB [NCBI] 2.82906e-06
SDHC [NCBI] 2.7658e-06
PLIN [NCBI] 2.7658e-06
PPARGC1B [NCBI] 2.75414e-06
EGLN3 [NCBI] 2.68985e-06
PDK1 [NCBI] 2.67997e-06
SLC25A11 [NCBI] 2.63355e-06
PYCR1 [NCBI] 2.62481e-06
LDHD [NCBI] 2.58346e-06
HIF1AN [NCBI] 2.54557e-06
MFN2 [NCBI] 2.51738e-06
OXCT2 [NCBI] 2.41396e-06
TXNIP [NCBI] 2.37241e-06
SDHD [NCBI] 2.35776e-06
AGXT2L1 [NCBI] 2.11738e-06
PAX8 [NCBI] 2.10622e-06
SIRT1 [NCBI] 1.86615e-06
PRKACA [NCBI] 1.80995e-06
MB [NCBI] 1.60867e-06
BRAF [NCBI] 1.41958e-06
GAPDH [NCBI] 1.35867e-06
G6PD [NCBI] 1.26377e-06
EGF [NCBI] 1.19657e-06
MSH2 [NCBI] 1.16525e-06
LPL [NCBI] 9.62931e-07
CASP3 [NCBI] 5.51981e-07


OMIM Link Information
tricarboxylic acid cycle, defect of [NCBI] 0.00163415
myopathy with deficiency of succinate dehydrogenase and aconitase [NCBI] 0.00111709
fumarase deficiency [NCBI] 0.000416971
mitochondrial complex i deficiency [NCBI] 0.000295311
FH [NCBI] 0.000208029
ornithine transcarbamylase deficiency, hyperammonemia due to [NCBI] 0.000154986
PC [NCBI] 0.000144478
hyperlipidemia, combined, 1 [NCBI] 0.000102766
carbamoyl phosphate synthetase i deficiency, hyperammonemia due to [NCBI] 9.67197e-05
alpers diffuse degeneration of cerebral gray matter with hepatic cirrhosis [NCBI] 9.35156e-05
holocarboxylase synthetase deficiency [NCBI] 9.20883e-05
propionic acidemia [NCBI] 9.20883e-05
FBS [NCBI] 8.83346e-05
leiomyomatosis and renal cell cancer, hereditary [NCBI] 7.8617e-05
pyruvate decarboxylase deficiency [NCBI] 7.8617e-05
FCHL [NCBI] 7.66267e-05
CGD [NCBI] 5.85678e-05
FRDA [NCBI] 5.29664e-05
SLC13A3 [NCBI] 4.46269e-05
GPR91 [NCBI] 4.46269e-05
GPR80 [NCBI] 4.46269e-05
SLC16A5 [NCBI] 3.94939e-05
MODY [NCBI] 3.9023e-05
KLF15 [NCBI] 3.79914e-05
MJD [NCBI] 3.75872e-05
SDHA [NCBI] 3.49469e-05
IDH2 [NCBI] 3.42021e-05
PPP1CA [NCBI] 3.35405e-05
IDH1 [NCBI] 3.1909e-05
NRF1 [NCBI] 3.1909e-05
TXNIP [NCBI] 3.02598e-05
PLIN [NCBI] 3.02598e-05
ACACA [NCBI] 2.92681e-05
MFN2 [NCBI] 2.79139e-05
glycogen storage disease i [NCBI] 2.5236e-05
FXN [NCBI] 2.31812e-05
G6PD [NCBI] 1.8393e-05
MB [NCBI] 1.09484e-05
GAPDH [NCBI] 7.63088e-06
PPARA [NCBI] 6.86743e-06
NPPA [NCBI] 3.91309e-06
LPL [NCBI] 3.33668e-06
EGF [NCBI] 6.39583e-07

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