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01 Endocrine System Diseases [NCBI]


Gene Link Information
MS [NCBI] 0.000264205
CHGA [NCBI] 5.82353e-05
PRKAR1A [NCBI] 5.10528e-05
PRL [NCBI] 3.65539e-05
GNAS [NCBI] 2.78328e-05
PTH [NCBI] 2.07697e-05
FOXP3 [NCBI] 2.02761e-05
CPE [NCBI] 1.74803e-05
SCG5 [NCBI] 1.62206e-05
NSD1 [NCBI] 1.5457e-05
AVP [NCBI] 1.53589e-05
GHRH [NCBI] 1.3985e-05
LEPROT [NCBI] 1.30282e-05
CRH [NCBI] 1.24698e-05
INSR [NCBI] 1.24264e-05
RBM28 [NCBI] 1.21299e-05
CTLA4 [NCBI] 9.82372e-06
POMC [NCBI] 9.7748e-06
TF [NCBI] 9.10126e-06
FGF13 [NCBI] 8.98841e-06
POR [NCBI] 8.34982e-06
UGT1A6 [NCBI] 8.13552e-06
ALMS1 [NCBI] 8.00627e-06
MEPE [NCBI] 8.00627e-06
GNAI2 [NCBI] 7.94515e-06
NR5A1 [NCBI] 7.88614e-06
SHBG [NCBI] 7.7934e-06
AKR1C3 [NCBI] 7.77392e-06
CYP11B1 [NCBI] 7.72047e-06
CHGB [NCBI] 7.72047e-06
SFRP4 [NCBI] 7.66864e-06
AR [NCBI] 7.62555e-06
CYP11A1 [NCBI] 7.38701e-06
THRB [NCBI] 7.14547e-06
ABCA3 [NCBI] 7.07204e-06
AAAS [NCBI] 7.03648e-06
FMR1 [NCBI] 6.94116e-06
FKRP [NCBI] 6.83748e-06
APTX [NCBI] 6.77603e-06
PTHLH [NCBI] 6.68359e-06
CYP2C8 [NCBI] 6.6315e-06
PNMT [NCBI] 6.55036e-06
NR1I3 [NCBI] 6.39892e-06
TRH [NCBI] 6.19406e-06
PAM [NCBI] 6.07092e-06
KISS1 [NCBI] 5.93731e-06
AIRE [NCBI] 5.84799e-06
FGF4 [NCBI] 5.73045e-06
SULT1A1 [NCBI] 5.73045e-06
MSTN [NCBI] 5.57568e-06
HFE [NCBI] 5.51748e-06
SHOX [NCBI] 5.43407e-06
POU1F1 [NCBI] 5.36754e-06
CYP11B2 [NCBI] 5.34165e-06
AMH [NCBI] 5.24197e-06
DBH [NCBI] 5.20609e-06
CYP21A2 [NCBI] 5.1943e-06
NR3C1 [NCBI] 5.0482e-06
EPHX1 [NCBI] 5.01624e-06
MGP [NCBI] 4.98489e-06
IAPP [NCBI] 4.59924e-06
TLR9 [NCBI] 4.4066e-06
FGF23 [NCBI] 4.1089e-06
CYP2C9 [NCBI] 3.98686e-06
CXCR3 [NCBI] 3.61031e-06
F8 [NCBI] 3.40432e-06
ADAMTS13 [NCBI] 3.09465e-06
SERPINE1 [NCBI] 2.9422e-06
RET [NCBI] 2.85933e-06
TNFRSF11A [NCBI] 2.6896e-06
TNFSF11 [NCBI] 2.47056e-06
TNFRSF11B [NCBI] 2.43214e-06
VDR [NCBI] 2.05754e-06
TG [NCBI] 1.94316e-06
TH [NCBI] 1.71557e-06
CD68 [NCBI] 1.54871e-06
NPY [NCBI] 1.39755e-06
EPO [NCBI] 8.97417e-07


OMIM Link Information
APS2 [NCBI] 0.00151576
flynn-aird syndrome [NCBI] 0.00116675
ketoaciduria with mental deficiency and other features [NCBI] 0.000948879
candidiasis, familial chronic mucocutaneous, autosomal recessive [NCBI] 0.000813359
candidiasis, familial chronic mucocutaneous, autosomal dominant [NCBI] 0.000715905
CNC1 [NCBI] 0.000486916
holoprosencephaly [NCBI] 0.000460266
MAS [NCBI] 0.000355319
retinohepatoendocrinologic syndrome [NCBI] 0.00033621
donohue syndrome [NCBI] 0.000265409
MEN2A [NCBI] 0.00025048
APS1 [NCBI] 0.000237748
follicle-stimulating hormone deficiency, isolated [NCBI] 0.000156149
SLE [NCBI] 0.000130198
GRTH [NCBI] 0.000128683
AHO [NCBI] 0.000119324
BFLS [NCBI] 0.00011885
RA [NCBI] 0.000118535
IPEX [NCBI] 0.000117201
weaver syndrome [NCBI] 0.000112715
anterior chamber cleavage disorder, cerebellar hypoplasia, hypothyroidism, and tracheal stenosis [NCBI] 0.000111888
craniosynostosis [NCBI] 0.000111888
MEN2B [NCBI] 0.000102148
KSS [NCBI] 9.92271e-05
PRL [NCBI] 9.84428e-05
HHC1 [NCBI] 9.42548e-05
CD [NCBI] 9.36724e-05
INSR [NCBI] 9.23183e-05
AIS [NCBI] 9.21962e-05
CHGA [NCBI] 8.70059e-05
CPE [NCBI] 7.79722e-05
GPR1 [NCBI] 7.57054e-05
satoyoshi syndrome [NCBI] 7.5473e-05
FOXP3 [NCBI] 6.8712e-05
orthostatic intolerance [NCBI] 6.81454e-05
TTDN1 [NCBI] 6.54472e-05
POMC [NCBI] 5.96548e-05
progressive external ophthalmoplegia with mitochondrial dna deletions, autosomal recessive [NCBI] 5.49323e-05
pituitary dwarfism due to isolated growth hormone deficiency, autosomal dominant [NCBI] 5.37003e-05
GNAI2 [NCBI] 5.33599e-05
myxoma, intracardiac [NCBI] 5.25576e-05
TTDN1 [NCBI] 4.88563e-05
alexander disease [NCBI] 4.78347e-05
PCSK1 [NCBI] 4.57765e-05
acromegaly [NCBI] 4.48743e-05
FSTL3 [NCBI] 4.45356e-05
FSHB [NCBI] 4.45356e-05
niemann-pick disease, type b [NCBI] 4.42149e-05
MADA [NCBI] 4.35826e-05
RBP3 [NCBI] 4.34336e-05
POF1 [NCBI] 4.29751e-05
central core disease of muscle [NCBI] 4.1828e-05
CGL2 [NCBI] 4.1828e-05
PTH [NCBI] 4.16562e-05
HFE [NCBI] 4.05082e-05
SLC16A2 [NCBI] 3.99576e-05
graves disease [NCBI] 3.92886e-05
GHRH [NCBI] 3.90979e-05
OCA2 [NCBI] 3.71145e-05
CRH [NCBI] 3.64997e-05
PRKAR1A [NCBI] 3.63302e-05
CF [NCBI] 3.58684e-05
APTX [NCBI] 3.4922e-05
CSA [NCBI] 3.23136e-05
BRRS [NCBI] 3.03982e-05
AVP [NCBI] 3.03529e-05
AR [NCBI] 2.95364e-05
TF [NCBI] 2.93142e-05
THRB [NCBI] 2.76151e-05
GH1 [NCBI] 2.61067e-05
PNMT [NCBI] 2.36664e-05
GNAS [NCBI] 2.24137e-05
AIRE [NCBI] 2.21825e-05
SHBG [NCBI] 2.05659e-05
CD [NCBI] 2.04314e-05
CDLS1 [NCBI] 2.04314e-05
GAL [NCBI] 1.93602e-05
VHL [NCBI] 1.9037e-05
MEN1 [NCBI] 1.87163e-05
CASR [NCBI] 1.8639e-05
MDD [NCBI] 1.80947e-05
SMAX1 [NCBI] 1.7299e-05
AMH [NCBI] 1.69639e-05
IAPP [NCBI] 1.54033e-05
BCNS [NCBI] 1.51349e-05
PJS [NCBI] 1.18363e-05
AT [NCBI] 7.04079e-06
VEGF [NCBI] 5.40161e-06
KLK3 [NCBI] 3.28239e-06
CEACAM5 [NCBI] 3.19002e-06
FA [NCBI] 1.99928e-06
TG [NCBI] 1.75144e-06
FMF [NCBI] 1.44848e-06
MG [NCBI] 8.97955e-07
TH [NCBI] 8.92879e-07
NPY [NCBI] 3.03992e-07
EPO [NCBI] 6.86656e-08

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