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01 Starch [NCBI]


Gene Link Information
G6PD [NCBI] 7.08497e-06
AMY1A [NCBI] 6.74264e-06
MGAM [NCBI] 4.88646e-06
GIP [NCBI] 4.43264e-06
EPM2A [NCBI] 3.89237e-06
HBA1 [NCBI] 3.04518e-06
PYY [NCBI] 2.61433e-06
ALB [NCBI] 2.58248e-06
STBD1 [NCBI] 2.29786e-06
FILIP1L [NCBI] 2.21692e-06
AMY2B [NCBI] 2.08968e-06
GOT2 [NCBI] 1.99353e-06
AMY2A [NCBI] 1.98362e-06
CPT1A [NCBI] 1.94729e-06
LPL [NCBI] 1.94361e-06
KHK [NCBI] 1.93893e-06
GPT [NCBI] 1.90788e-06
SLC25A13 [NCBI] 1.82104e-06
EGLN1 [NCBI] 1.72804e-06
HBD [NCBI] 1.61901e-06
SI [NCBI] 1.57977e-06
HBA2 [NCBI] 1.53446e-06
IGF2 [NCBI] 1.25096e-06
HP [NCBI] 1.15714e-06
PDGFA [NCBI] 1.1265e-06
MYC [NCBI] 1.09904e-06
TOP2A [NCBI] 1.08231e-06
APC [NCBI] 1.02996e-06
GSTP1 [NCBI] 9.9734e-07
ADA [NCBI] 9.44936e-07
NOS2 [NCBI] 7.95522e-07
CCK [NCBI] 6.73558e-07
ACHE [NCBI] 6.28804e-07
NPY [NCBI] 5.98719e-07
EGF [NCBI] 3.96054e-07
TNF [NCBI] 3.61929e-07


OMIM Link Information
HBFQTL1 [NCBI] 0.000221297
G6PD [NCBI] 0.000198537
glycogen storage disease 0, liver [NCBI] 0.000127243
hexokinase deficiency hemolytic anemia [NCBI] 0.000116319
trifunctional protein deficiency [NCBI] 0.000110603
glycogen storage disease i [NCBI] 0.000106709
FBS [NCBI] 0.000104706
hemoglobin--variants for which the chain carrying the mutation is unknown or uncertain [NCBI] 0.000100032
glycogen storage disease ib [NCBI] 9.61622e-05
ED1 [NCBI] 9.36414e-05
galactosemia [NCBI] 7.81768e-05
HBB [NCBI] 7.35936e-05
severe combined immunodeficiency, autosomal recessive, t cell-negative, b cell-negative, nk cell-negative, due to adenosine deaminase deficiency [NCBI] 6.78488e-05
GPI [NCBI] 4.2058e-05
GIP [NCBI] 3.54824e-05
MGAM [NCBI] 3.13365e-05
APC [NCBI] 2.84379e-05
GOT2 [NCBI] 2.67978e-05
EPM2A [NCBI] 2.50734e-05
ADH1 [NCBI] 2.50734e-05
AMY1A [NCBI] 2.37734e-05
HBA1 [NCBI] 2.35478e-05
HADHA [NCBI] 2.32261e-05
GALK1 [NCBI] 2.29723e-05
HK1 [NCBI] 2.20634e-05
LCAT [NCBI] 2.10063e-05
AK1 [NCBI] 2.01566e-05
ALB [NCBI] 1.77677e-05
PYY [NCBI] 1.73472e-05
SLC2A2 [NCBI] 1.70616e-05
HBD [NCBI] 1.65266e-05
SLC4A1 [NCBI] 1.6244e-05
GPT [NCBI] 1.54198e-05
LCT [NCBI] 1.50799e-05
PAEP [NCBI] 1.46089e-05
SI [NCBI] 1.39973e-05
CRC [NCBI] 1.38246e-05
HBA2 [NCBI] 1.28172e-05
PI [NCBI] 8.90936e-06
HP [NCBI] 6.30416e-06
LPL [NCBI] 6.10051e-06
EGF [NCBI] 3.79632e-06
TNF [NCBI] 3.70202e-06
ADA [NCBI] 2.54697e-06
NPY [NCBI] 8.80215e-08
CF [NCBI] 6.78507e-08
CRH [NCBI] 5.21468e-08
CCK [NCBI] 3.33987e-08
ACHE [NCBI] 8.13988e-09
CEACAM5 [NCBI] 3.57456e-09

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