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01 Reading Frames [NCBI]


Gene Link Information
TAAR4P [NCBI] 0.000157606
MT1L [NCBI] 0.000143661
CDKN2A [NCBI] 8.26167e-06
CDKN2AIP [NCBI] 7.54929e-06
DMD [NCBI] 7.22296e-06
TERT [NCBI] 6.14253e-06
PQBP4 [NCBI] 4.85613e-06
C2orf65 [NCBI] 3.83265e-06
LRTOMT [NCBI] 3.83265e-06
UBE2S [NCBI] 3.71769e-06
VPS37A [NCBI] 3.54989e-06
NOL10 [NCBI] 3.54989e-06
NOL7 [NCBI] 3.48468e-06
OAZ2 [NCBI] 3.42766e-06
UTF1 [NCBI] 3.33144e-06
ALS2CR8 [NCBI] 3.25207e-06
SMARCD2 [NCBI] 3.25207e-06
RAG1 [NCBI] 3.19704e-06
C5orf13 [NCBI] 3.12573e-06
MOCS2 [NCBI] 3.12573e-06
CHRNA9 [NCBI] 3.09896e-06
MT1X [NCBI] 3.09896e-06
SMARCD3 [NCBI] 3.09896e-06
PRDX4 [NCBI] 3.07368e-06
PQBP1 [NCBI] 2.98463e-06
BAMBI [NCBI] 2.96485e-06
OAZ1 [NCBI] 2.9459e-06
CLN6 [NCBI] 2.9277e-06
IREB2 [NCBI] 2.9277e-06
DNTT [NCBI] 2.9277e-06
SMARCD1 [NCBI] 2.91021e-06
GOPC [NCBI] 2.8316e-06
ACO1 [NCBI] 2.79024e-06
ROS1 [NCBI] 2.76461e-06
CTBP2 [NCBI] 2.75233e-06
SMARCC2 [NCBI] 2.75233e-06
ARID1A [NCBI] 2.74036e-06
SMARCC1 [NCBI] 2.68485e-06
UPF2 [NCBI] 2.65453e-06
CYP11B1 [NCBI] 2.62612e-06
PKLR [NCBI] 2.59937e-06
SMPD1 [NCBI] 2.59937e-06
FTH1 [NCBI] 2.55019e-06
ANK1 [NCBI] 2.52014e-06
SLC40A1 [NCBI] 2.51293e-06
RAD17 [NCBI] 2.49195e-06
POU3F2 [NCBI] 2.43429e-06
KIR2DL2 [NCBI] 2.42241e-06
OTC [NCBI] 2.38854e-06
FTL [NCBI] 2.38854e-06
SCNN1B [NCBI] 2.35199e-06
UPF1 [NCBI] 2.35199e-06
ABCC8 [NCBI] 2.33718e-06
KIR2DL3 [NCBI] 2.31816e-06
LHCGR [NCBI] 2.2999e-06
GJB6 [NCBI] 2.2452e-06
CENPE [NCBI] 2.21087e-06
ATP7B [NCBI] 2.1556e-06
FGF3 [NCBI] 2.10057e-06
FBN1 [NCBI] 2.08919e-06
CYP21A2 [NCBI] 2.08362e-06
DSG3 [NCBI] 2.05933e-06
SMARCA2 [NCBI] 2.0541e-06
CBS [NCBI] 2.03131e-06
INSL3 [NCBI] 1.99344e-06
ATP7A [NCBI] 1.97782e-06
CFTR [NCBI] 1.90561e-06
ITGA2B [NCBI] 1.89039e-06
SMARCA4 [NCBI] 1.81569e-06
NAT1 [NCBI] 1.79186e-06
RAG2 [NCBI] 1.75166e-06
CP [NCBI] 1.73475e-06
INSR [NCBI] 1.71845e-06
KCNQ1 [NCBI] 1.68524e-06
ERG [NCBI] 1.64798e-06
PROM1 [NCBI] 1.62743e-06
TFRC [NCBI] 1.61947e-06
PAH [NCBI] 1.61652e-06
UGT1A1 [NCBI] 1.59454e-06
KCNH6 [NCBI] 1.58349e-06
BMP7 [NCBI] 1.57716e-06
PKD1 [NCBI] 1.57182e-06
LDLR [NCBI] 1.55444e-06
OSM [NCBI] 1.50988e-06
BCR [NCBI] 1.47223e-06
RUNX1 [NCBI] 1.45352e-06
BTK [NCBI] 1.45014e-06
MYC [NCBI] 1.40354e-06
TF [NCBI] 1.33473e-06
HLA-B [NCBI] 1.31401e-06
CYP2C19 [NCBI] 1.29234e-06
ESR1 [NCBI] 1.21863e-06
HFE [NCBI] 1.15535e-06
MLH1 [NCBI] 1.04982e-06
GFAP [NCBI] 8.46325e-07
TP53 [NCBI] 7.49256e-07
PTGS2 [NCBI] 6.72163e-07
CDKN1A [NCBI] 6.08661e-07


OMIM Link Information
weill-marchesani syndrome, autosomal dominant [NCBI] 0.000136157
weill-marchesani syndrome, autosomal recessive [NCBI] 0.000123712
drug metabolism, poor, cyp2c19-related [NCBI] 0.000123712
proteinuria, low molecular weight, with hypercalciuria and nephrocalcinosis [NCBI] 0.000120843
liddle syndrome [NCBI] 0.000116105
adrenal hyperplasia, congenital, due to steroid 11-beta-hydroxylase deficiency [NCBI] 0.00011061
pyruvate kinase deficiency of red cells [NCBI] 8.71153e-05
thrombasthenia of glanzmann and naegeli [NCBI] 7.41954e-05
TERT [NCBI] 7.1537e-05
DMD [NCBI] 5.80382e-05
OAZ2 [NCBI] 5.32399e-05
CDKN2A [NCBI] 4.5289e-05
SMARCD1 [NCBI] 4.49931e-05
SMARCD2 [NCBI] 4.49931e-05
SMARCC2 [NCBI] 4.49931e-05
SMARCC1 [NCBI] 4.49931e-05
UBE2S [NCBI] 4.49931e-05
SMARCD3 [NCBI] 4.18808e-05
CHRNA9 [NCBI] 3.986e-05
CLN6 [NCBI] 3.83575e-05
OAZ1 [NCBI] 3.71603e-05
MOCS2 [NCBI] 3.53128e-05
GOPC [NCBI] 3.53128e-05
ROS1 [NCBI] 3.53128e-05
SCNN1B [NCBI] 3.02759e-05
FGF3 [NCBI] 2.96334e-05
CYP2C19 [NCBI] 2.93366e-05
CLCN5 [NCBI] 2.9054e-05
PAX5 [NCBI] 2.87842e-05
PAX8 [NCBI] 2.85262e-05
CYP11B1 [NCBI] 2.8279e-05
ITGA2B [NCBI] 2.73822e-05
PKLR [NCBI] 2.53006e-05
INSL3 [NCBI] 2.33319e-05
KCNQ1 [NCBI] 2.28312e-05
FBN1 [NCBI] 1.91737e-05
ABCC8 [NCBI] 1.89724e-05
hemophilia a [NCBI] 1.6746e-05
DMD [NCBI] 1.57352e-05
PRNP [NCBI] 1.55151e-05
phenylketonuria [NCBI] 1.51244e-05
BCR [NCBI] 1.46889e-05
ACPP [NCBI] 1.44609e-05
TF [NCBI] 8.20756e-06
GFAP [NCBI] 1.77783e-06
RA [NCBI] 9.82497e-07

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